Here are some Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Online Banking

Why Is Charter Oak Changing Its Online Banking?

  • We’re always looking at ways to improve your banking experience with Charter Oak, and that includes our growing digital offerings. Our new Online Banking System will give you far more services and options in an easy-to-use format that lets you create your own customizable and personal Online Banking experience.

When Will This New Service Be Available?

  • We plan to launch our new Online Banking in late February or early March. We’ll give our online banking members plenty of notice and updates before our launch and be sure to check back to this web page for the latest news and updates on the 2021 launch of the new and improved Online Banking – only from Charter Oak!

So How Will I Access My Online Banking?

  • Nothing is changing in the way you access your online banking services. There will still be a large login box on as well as on our mobile website and we also will offer apps for both iPhone and Android products.

Will I Have to Create a New User Name and Password?

  • Not at all. We’re making this experience member friendly, which means you can access our new Online Banking with your current user name and password. It’s that simple. Enter your information when we unveil our new Online Banking System and start banking digitally with great new services and benefits.

What About My Access? What Type of Device Can I Use?

  • Our new Online Banking will be accessible in a variety of ways – from your desktop, to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. We’re designing our new system to be more user friendly, more convenient and more accessible from wherever you are – whether you’re at the office, on your smartphone, or using your tablet.

What About the Type of Browser I Use?

  • Charter Oak’s new Online Banking is accessible from many of the most popular browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Because it’s no longer supported by Microsoft, we don’t recommend Internet Explorer as a browser. (May want to give specific browser requirements from Alkami.)

Will I Be Able To Use an App?

  • Absolutely! Our new Online Banking will work with Apple mobile devices as well as Android mobile devices. We will offer our new Online Banking app via The App Store for Apple devices as well as through Google Play for Android devices.

Can I Still Use a “Biometric” log in?

  • Yes! With our new Online Banking, members who use a biometric log in, such as a Face ID, on their mobile device will be able to enable their Face ID to sign in and access their accounts.

Will Online Banking Be Available 24/7?

  • Of course! We know that it’s critical to you to be able to bank whenever and wherever, so our new Online Banking is available to you on your time – 24/7 and 365 days a year. Whether you’re checking your balances from your desktop or paying a bill from your smartphone, you’ll have round-the-clock access to Charter Oak’s new Online Banking!

Can I Access My Visa Card Information?

  • Yes you can and it’s easy, too! We’ll provide a button that easily links you directly to the eZCard Info website where you can see all of your Visa activities and transactions. No more switching websites or separate logins required.

What If I Forget My User Name or My Password?

  • No worries – you will see an option for “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” on the login screen. You simply click on the option that applies to you and follow the steps so you can log in and enjoy your new online banking experience!

Can I Still Set Up Automatic Transfers?

  • Yes, you can. Within our new Online Banking you can manage your transfers by clicking on the “Transfers” widget and following the steps. Our Contact Center is also available to assist you with this process by calling 860.446.8085 and our branch teams are available to you, as well, during our regular business hours.

Am I Able To “Hide” An Account?

  • You can use the feature “Hide an Account” to hide a particular account from the dashboard view and from the “Accounts” widget. You are able to view the account by clicking on “Settings” and then clicking on “Accounts.” And you can change accounts that are hidden to an unhidden status at any time.

What About Transaction History? Will That Be Available?

  • Yes, as long as you’re an active online banking user (at least once every 90 days). If so, you can see your transaction history over the past 18 months once you’ve used our new system after the initial launch period.

I Like the Bill Pay Feature. Will This Be Available?

  • We realize that online Bill Pay is popular – and very convenient – for many of our members. Once our new Online Banking System launches in late February/early March Bill Pay will continue to be available to you. You won’t need to make any changes or go through any sort of re-enrollment process. Simply log in to our new Online Banking and pay your bills online the same way you always have.

Where Do I Go If I Need Help?

  • We want to make sure that your experience with our new and improved Online Banking is a great one, so we’ve trained our Branch teams as well as our Contact Center representatives to be familiar with all that this new system will offer you.
  • Once we launch our new system, you can simply stop by any branch for a question or a tutorial on our new Online Banking or call our Contact Center at 860.446.8085 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you during our regular business hours.
  • There’s also a “Help” option available within our new Online Banking to assist you and a new safe and secure private “Message Center” that will allow you to send communications directly to a Charter Oak representative during normal business hours.