What’s New With Charter Oak’s Online Banking!

Charter Oak’s new Online Banking System will offer our members great new features and benefits and an expanded suite of services that will make their online banking experience easier, more convenient, and more efficient – all at the touch of their fingertips.

Here are just some of the many great new features that will soon be available when we launch our new and improved Online Banking!

Expanded Banking Dashboard

  • Your personal dashboard will showcase your full financial picture on one convenient screen. You’ll see your account information, new widgets that let you create new features, and clickable icons that link directly to your accounts. And it’s easy to adjust your settings to give you online banking just the way you like it. If you have questions, no worries! There’s plenty of helpful hints and a Message Center that lets you communicate privately and security with a Charter Oak representative.

Clickable Dashboard Icons

  • When you open your dashboard, you’ll have access to easy clickable icons for your Charter Oak accounts. Five different accounts can show, including checking, savings, certificates, credit cards, and loans. These icons are configurable for your personal preference and will only show if you have that certain kind of account. So if you don’t have a loan with Charter Oak, that account category won’t show among your clickable icons.

Link Your External Accounts

  • With Charter Oak’s new Online Banking, you can set up this great new feature so you can see all your financial accounts in one secure place. You can view your investments, various bank accounts, credit cards, and even bills with other institutions – all in one safe, secure, and efficient place!

Create Your Own budget

  • Everyone could use a little help managing their funds, and that’s what you’ll get with our new budgeting feature in Online Banking. You can set up your own personal budget by including your monthly expenses and your monthly income and you’re on your way to tracking your financial health. It’s that easy!

Set Personal Savings Goals

  • You can set up goals for your various savings accounts with Charter Oak. Simply click the “New Goal” budget for a particular savings account, set your goal and start saving toward that goal – maybe it’s a new appliance, a new car, or that special gift for someone.

Apply for a Loan, Open a New Savings Account

  • Our “Quick Apply” feature lets you apply for other Charter Oak products from wherever, whenever. You can apply through Online Baking from the comfort of your couch. Open a new deposit account to build your savings or apply for one of our affordable loans. It’s safe and secure, and super convenient!

You Can Skip a Payment

  • With Charter Oak’s new Online Banking, you can skip a payment for one of your loan products. Our great new feature called “Skip-a-Pay” will allow you to skip a payment once during a calendar year when it’s most convenient for you. Please note that there is a fee for any Skip-a-Pay request. Once we launch our Online Banking, just click on our Skip-a-Pay widget to learn more!

View a “Snapshot” of Your Accounts

  • With our new “Snapshot” feature, you can easily set up your accounts so they provide a quick snapshot of your current balance that will show on your smartphone or other mobile device – and you don’t have to log in! It’s quick and easy and can give you peace of mind to know your balances before you make that next purchase or payment!

See All Your Statements

  • Our new Online Banking will allow you to view all of your statements in one convenient location! It’s a one-stop location to get a complete picture of your account activity.

Manage Your Cards Safely

  • These days, it’s important to have the peace of mind to know your debit card is safe from fraud. Our card management feature will allow you manage your debit card within Online Banking. You can set limits on your spending and can even “freeze” your debit card temporarily if you suspect any type of fraudulent use.

 Access Your Visa Card Info

  • When you want to check on a Visa payment or check a Visa transaction, it’s only a click away with Charter Oak’s new Online Banking. You’ll be able to click on our credit card button and link directly to the eZCardInfo website for the latest updates on all your Visa card activities and transactions.

Get All Your Mortgage Info

  • With our new Online Banking, you can view your mortgage balances, check up on your payments, and see all your transactions – all in one easy and convenient place! No more need to track your mortgage information from different sources – it’s all compiled in one safe location within Online Banking!